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About Stella-Jones
Corporate Profile
Stella-Jones Inc. is a leading producer and marketer of pressure treated wood products. The Company supplies North America's railroad operators with railway ties and timbers, and the continent's electrical utilities and telecommunication companies with utility poles. Stella-Jones also provides residential lumber and customized services to retailers and wholesalers for outdoor applications, as well as industrial products which include marine and foundation pilings, construction timbers, wood for bridges and coal tar based products.

The Company operates thirty-seven wood treating plants, sixteen pole peeling facilities and a coal tar distillery. These facilities are located in five Canadian provinces and nineteen American states and are complemented by an extensive distribution network across North America. As at June 30, 2017, the Company's workforce numbered close to 1,900 employees.

Stella-Jones enjoys a number of key attributes which should further enhance the Company's strategic positioning and competitive advantage in the wood treating industry. Among these are the ability to service clients from multiple plants, a solid financial position that allows the Company to stockpile and air-season green wood for major long-term contracts, a long-standing stable source of wood supply, and a registration to produce and sell the wood preservative, creosote.

Core Strengths

  • Market leadership: Stella-Jones is well-positioned as a large and reliable producer of high quality treated wood products in the North American market. This is especially true in its core railway tie and utility pole categories, where the Company holds strong positions in Canada and in the United States
  • Continental Supply Network: Stella-Jones' customers in both Canada and the United States can rely on a North American network of wood treating facilities to promptly meet their demand and delivery requirements. Our combined production capacity ensures continuity of supply, particularly in times of urgent or emergency need. Furthermore, our extensive cutting rights and long maintained relationships with wood suppliers help ensure an ample raw material supply.
  • Long-term customer relationships: Throughout its history, Stella-Jones has established long-term relationships and supply contracts with telecommunications and railway companies, electrical utilities, crown corporations and governments.
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