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Railway Ties
Basic Component of an Essential Industry:
The largest product category of Stella-Jones constitutes a fundamental component of railway infrastructure. As such, the pressure-treated wooden crossties manufactured by the Company play a key role in North America's rail transportation network. Furthermore, in an era of increasing environmental awareness, wood is highly regarded as a renewable resource and practical in a 'green' sense. The flexibility of the wooden tie and its use as bio-mass fuel at the end of its working life have made it the enduring choice of railroad operators.

A Continental Supplier:
Stella-Jones is one of the leading suppliers of pressure treated wood railway crossties in North America. The Company supplies over a quarter of the continent's total demand.

A Formula for Quality:
Stella-Jones is exclusively engaged with industrial markets. Its expertise and product line wholly relate to pressure treated wood. The Company is a preferred vendor to many of North America's Class 1 and Short Line railways by virtue of its quality production and reliability. With an unsurpassed ability to treat most species of wood with various preservatives, Stella-Jones is one of the few companies actively engaged in railway tie-specific research and development.

Creating a Single-Step Creosote/Borate Treatment Process:
Research and development at Stella-Jones has originated an improved method of incorporating the preservatives creosote and boron into ties. To address the needs of railbeds in high termite areas, the industry solution traditionally had been to apply a combination of creosote and boron in a dual step treatment. Stella-Jones has pursued and achieved a single step process and has thereby created a more economical option for its customers.

Reliability of the Network:
With a North American presence that encompasses pressure treating plants in fourteen U.S. states and five Canadian provinces, Stella-Jones has earned a reputation for reliability of uninterrupted supply, low transport costs and short delivery times. The Company is positioned to meet the demands of Class 1 and Short Line railroads from coast to coast.

Turnkey Services:
Providing a one-stop alternative to railroad operators, Stella-Jones offers value-added supply chain services including crosstie pre-plating, recycling and disposal.

Security of Supply:
Stella-Jones has its own proprietary coal tar distillation operations. This enhances the security of the Company's supply base for the wood preservative creosote, an essential component of the railway tie treating process.

Quality Control:
Quality control at Stella-Jones begins even before we receive raw wood for treatment. It begins with assuring that our timberlands and suppliers adhere to responsible forestry management. Accordingly, harvesting and reforestation measures comply with industry and jurisdictional guidelines, thus ensuring a sustainable and renewable resource. At Stella-Jones, our business plan is to have an effective environment that ensures we are dedicated to quality in everything that we do. A key element in enabling us to consistently meet our customers' expectations is to operate within, and maintain, a system for assuring quality that is highly recognized and accredited throughout our industry. This system enables us to meet our objective as the performance leader in the pressure treated lumber we supply to our North American railroad customers.

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