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Utility Poles
Longstanding Premiere Producer:
Stella-Jones is one of the largest North American suppliers of wood utility poles to customers in the electrical and telecommunications industries. The Company's production expertise is based on decades of experience, and its range of product is unsurpassed. Our custom manufacturing meets the length, class and framing requirements of our clients anywhere across the continent.
Stella-Jones' utility poles consist of the finest wood fibre from a variety of premium species grown on managed timberlands. Stringent regard for industry association standards, customer specifications and environmental, health and safety considerations guide every stage of our production process.

Unrivalled Core Competence:
For many years, distribution and transmission poles manufactured by Stella-Jones have been the foundation for electrical and telecommunications infrastructure. The diverse extremes of weather and soil conditions to which the poles are subjected call for a high degree of expertise in the pressure treatment of wood. This is the core competence of Stella-Jones.

Power of the Network:
With a North American presence that encompasses pressure treating plants in fourteen U.S. states and five Canadian provinces, Stella-Jones has earned a reputation as a reliable single-source supplier of wood utility poles. Its network delivers reliability while its management services assist customers in controlling their inventory costs. The Company has extensive cutting rights and long-term relationships with numerous private timber suppliers. Broad coverage and operational flexibility also enable Stella-Jones to help customers respond rapidly to natural disasters. Faced with sudden massive demand for replacement poles in any of its markets, the Company can call upon the resources of its continental network to meet the challenge.

Quality Control:
Quality control at Stella-Jones begins even before we receive raw wood for treatment. It begins with assuring that our timberlands and suppliers adhere to responsible forestry management. Accordingly, harvesting and reforestation measures comply with industry and jurisdictional guidelines, thus ensuring a sustainable and renewable resource. Before leaving our plants every pole undergoes multiple inspections, including documentation of the requisite preservative concentration and penetration.

Wood species Preservatives
Western Red Cedar Pentachlorophenol
Douglas Fir CCA
Red Pine Creosote
Lodgepole Pine Copper Naphthenate
(butt treated Cedar only)
Jack Pine  
Southern Yellow Pine  

Penetration Enhancements

Incising is the perforating of the pole using knives or pegs to open up avenues of penetration to insure uniform and adequate preservative penetration.

Groundline Radial Drilling
Radial drilling of small diameter holes in the ground line area to the same depth and in the same pattern as the incising teeth will accomplish the same result as deep incising; however, drilling does remove wood fibre while incising does not.

Through Boring
Typically in the groundline and /or top of the poles, small diameter holes are drilled through a specified section of the pole. This procedure ultimately allows for complete penetration with preservative in the area through bored.

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