Senior Management


The Stella-Jones leadership team prioritizes strategic planning and sound business practices, while promoting ethical behavior throughout the organization.

Name Position within the Company

Éric Vachon

President and Chief Executive Officer
Stella-Jones Inc.

Ian Jones

Senior Vice-President, McFarland Cascade and Senior Vice-President
Stella-Jones Inc.

Michael Sylvester


Senior Vice-President,
Stella-Jones Corporation


Jeff Brandt

Vice-President, Transportation and Logistics

McFarland Cascade

George Caric

Vice-President, Marketing
Stella-Jones Corporation

Kevin Comerford

Vice-President, Poles and Residential Sales
McFarland Cascade

André Daigle

Vice-President, Central Region
Stella-Jones Inc.

W.G. Downey, Jr.

Vice-President, U.S. Tie Procurement
Stella-Jones Corporation

Marcel Driessen

Vice-President, Human Resources
Stella-Jones Corporation / McFarland Cascade

Marla Eichenbaum

Vice-President, General Counsel and Secretary
Stella-Jones Inc.

James Kenner

Vice-President and General Counsel, U.S. Operations
Stella-Jones Corporation

Patrick Kirkham

Vice-President, Operations
Stella-Jones Corporation

Wayne Kusmierczyk

Vice-President, Operations (Southern Yellow Pine),
McFarland Cascade

Andy Morgan

Vice-President, Operations (Western Species)
McFarland Cascade

Gordon Murray

Environment and Technology and
General Manager, Atlantic Region, Stella-Jones Inc.

Jim Raines

Vice-President, Sales
Stella-Jones Corporation

Patrick Stark

Environment Health and Safety, U.S. Operations, Stella-Jones Corporation

David Whitted

Vice-President, Sales Operations
Stella-Jones Corporation

Jon Younce


Vice-President, U.S. Fibre & Transportation /Logistics
McFarland Cascade

Ron Zeegers


Vice-President, Operations, Western Canada
Stella-Jones Inc.